Thursday, March 11, 2010

March Forever 21 Picks

Spring is in the air, and this year the winds bring amor!!! It's time to put on those flirty tees and make anyone fall head over heels!! Check out these great picks from Forever 21 and stay posted for more!!!

Be My Love Tee
  • Slub Knit

  • V-Neck

  • 100% Cotton

Why I love this: Frankly the smiley face would make me think anyone who wore this was a sweetheart with a smile. And I'd smile right back at them. It's time to take the basic white tee to the next level and give it a touch of flirty flare and nothing says that perfect than a smiley face and heart!

Two Tier Woven Top
  • 100% Silk
  • Cap Sleeves
  • Beaded Neck Line
  • Relaxed-Fit

Why I love this: I've been obsessed with this amazing pastel color for about two months now. It's perfect for any fair skinned girl (I'm not a tanner). I've been wearing it from my blouses and dresses to my nail polish and it's feminine and flowy!

Stay posted for more picks from forever 21 and other great stores!!



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