Friday, March 12, 2010

The Shirt Dress

I always loved the idea of a woman wearing a man's shirt. Especially in the movies when she's wearing his shirt making breakfast for two! It's sexy and as masculine as the shirt is she still looks feminine. And now we have the shirt dress!! It's the best of both worlds. Check out some of these great shirt dresses from different retailers...

American Apparel Oxford Shirt Dress- $52.00
  • Available in Oxford Blue & Oxford Grey
  • 100% Pinpoint Woven Cotton
  • Wrapt Tie
  • Front Button Closure
  • Form Fitting

Target Merona Women's Shirred Waist Shirtdress- $24.99

  • 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex
  • Button Down Closure
  • Belted

You can find many other great stores that sell the classic shirt dress. It's perfect for the spring time wheather (Especially in L.A.) and you can pretty much wear it to any casual event. And remember with any outfit, the fit is key so make sure to keep that in mind! We want to flatter ourselves in every way possible!!!



Thursday, March 11, 2010

March Forever 21 Picks

Spring is in the air, and this year the winds bring amor!!! It's time to put on those flirty tees and make anyone fall head over heels!! Check out these great picks from Forever 21 and stay posted for more!!!

Be My Love Tee
  • Slub Knit

  • V-Neck

  • 100% Cotton

Why I love this: Frankly the smiley face would make me think anyone who wore this was a sweetheart with a smile. And I'd smile right back at them. It's time to take the basic white tee to the next level and give it a touch of flirty flare and nothing says that perfect than a smiley face and heart!

Two Tier Woven Top
  • 100% Silk
  • Cap Sleeves
  • Beaded Neck Line
  • Relaxed-Fit

Why I love this: I've been obsessed with this amazing pastel color for about two months now. It's perfect for any fair skinned girl (I'm not a tanner). I've been wearing it from my blouses and dresses to my nail polish and it's feminine and flowy!

Stay posted for more picks from forever 21 and other great stores!!



Everyone needs to join Lookbook

So I recently discovered an absolutely fabulous website. . It's a site that allows people of all ages from all around the world to express their creativity, taste and fabulousness through fashion with the clothing they wear. These are the trendsetters of the world, those who define clothing as art and I think everyone should join and showcase their individuality. There are strict requirements for the photos and posts but once you start, you'll quickly get the hang of it! So hurry up apply for an account and see where the fashion world takes you and your wardrobe. Take a look at other profiles and hype their styles. Hope to see everyone soon on Lookbook. Here are some of my absolute favs!!

So hurry up check it out and fall in love like I did!!



Computer Aided Design II Final Project

Hey Fellow Fashionistas,
This quarter at FIDM is coming to an end, and I have one more to go before I Graduate. I am super excited and super nervous about the future to come! Not exactly sure where I end up but I know I'll end up somewhere I love. Here's a look at the final project for my Computer Aided Drafting II class. Hope you enjoy it and I would appreciate any feedback or comments you may have!! I'll be posting more soon!!
Salby N.

Computerized Wedding Dress Sketch

Hey Everyone!
Here's a sketch for the Sugar & Fluff Wedding Dress. This was part of the original concept in what we anticipated the dress to look like but as you can see, through out the design and completion process, things change.
We went from a full ruffled skirt in multi colored pastels to something more simple and grecian like in design. White was the way to go to keep things elegant and to allow Sugar and Fluff to have their table settings and wedding theme in full focus. A wedding isn't just about the bride and the wedding dress it's about everything coming together to create a balanced environment for everyone to enjoy. Stay tuned for more great posts!!!